Flipp @ Know Name Records – RSD 2017

Know Name Records recently celebrated 40 years in business, and that celebration happened to fall just a few days before the 10th annual Record Store Day. A timely coincidence to say the least.

I spoke with Danny Beck who has been a staple at the store since 1993, and in his words; “There has been a huge change in the music buying practices, at one point we were down to maybe 100 albums on vinyl, and now it’s about all we sell. We don’t sell any new cd’s, we don’t stock any new cd’s like we used to. Vinyl has just made an amazing come back”.

As part of the 40 year anniversary & record store day celebration Know Name Records had a line up of live music throughout the afternoon, and the legendary local glam rock band Flipp was first to arrive. They were still in their pajama’s, but they certainly didn’t sleepwalk through their set of fan favorites. Flipp’s guitarist and singer Brynn may have skipped breakfast, but he made up for it by – mid guitar solo, making his way behind the counter and helping himself to somebody’s bag of mini-cinnamon rolls, which was pretty hilarious.  Know Name Records was store #2 out of 7 total for the day, but if you weren’t able to catch one of Flipp’s in-store performances during RSD 2017, keep up to date with them on the Flipp Facebook Page. They’ve played a couple of shows since the official reunion in July of 2016 (which was the band’s first show in 13 years), and this certainly would make it seem that there will be more to come.