Artist Feature

Back in December of 2014 a couple photographs that I submitted to (Via my Instagram feed) were featured, along with some very kind words!

Here are the highlights and my photos:

“This week, reflecting on the curated batch, I was moved by the quality of the work being done. The images from @treble_jc (Marty Lang), when brought up on a big screen, are amazing. The image of the Capella Tower is a stunning piece which captures my awe for the city, as a human accomplishment. As a bit of a country boy from Maine, the Capella Tower has been the definitive image of the city (for me) since I moved out here eight years ago. Its geometry captivates me. I find myself staring at it, in a daze – seemingly for hours. ”


“This image of the IDS Center with the AT&T Tower in the background moved me to the verge of tears. No kidding. I think it was the perspective of the shot. Putting so much content on a scale that seems remarkably small, in the face of our ingenuity against nature.

I love the tones in this image. I love the hues of blue and yellows against the grey sky. I love how the horizon is reflected in the IDS. This almost gives the building a transparency that brings a certain gravity to my perception. Inspiring thoughts of technological advancement juxtaposed with the futility of it all on a more human scale. I find great power in this image.”


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